King's Day 2023

Koningsdag is one of the most important holidays in the Netherlands and is celebrated every year on 27 April in honour of King Willem-Alexander's birthday. Known as Orange Day, this festive day brings people of all ages and backgrounds together to enjoy festivities, parades, music and good food and drink.
On Kings Day, everyone wears orange clothes, hats, scarves and accessories to show their national pride and get into the festive spirit. People decorate their houses and streets with flags and orange decorations, and there are stalls everywhere where you can buy typical Dutch snacks such as stroopwafels, poffertjes and bitterballen.

Various activities are organised across the Netherlands, including street parties, markets and parades. The most famous parade is the Koningsdagparade, where people walk through the streets with colourful costumes and musical instruments. There are also several sports events, such as the Koningsdagloop and football tournaments.
At Bandu Beach, we celebrate King's Day in our own way. With good food and plenty of drinks. We like to mix our Thai roots with Dutch party culture, so that we can offer a unique experience to our guests.

If you fancy a cosy day full of Dutch traditions and celebration, be sure to visit Bandu Beach during Koningsdag. Put on your orange outfit, enjoy the delicious food and drinks, and make new friends in the festive atmosphere of this bank holidays!