Dessert Arrangement

Check out the varied dessert packages at Bandu Beach in Scheveningen.


Your BBQ is not complete without a delicious and spectacular dessert. Bandu Beach provides the most complete desserts for you.

Grand dessert Bandu Beach -advised-

Gorgeous ice sculptures filled with ice balls, various delicious cakes, tiramisu, chocolate surprises, various ice cream bonbons, cannoli, fresh fruit salad, cream tower with chocolate and many more treats served with spectacular fireworks.

Ice cream and fruit buffet

A stunning buffet with various fruit salads and beautiful ice cream sculptures with different flavours of sorbet and ice cream.

Ice cream cake

A stunning cake filled with different flavours of ice cream and cake in the middle. The outside is a feast for the eyes, served with fireworks.

*On all our arrangement are our terms and conditions in full force and effect