The head is off!

We are open again! In the middle of spring break, we beach club owners get to open our doors again. How lucky we are that the sun is shining, the kids are on holiday, we are free as a bird again after all the covid situation the past 2 years and everyone can enjoy beautiful Scheveningen again.

This year Bandu has been given a new look, a different look, a completely new menu and more space on our beach! So since this season we have Thai dishes on our menu, delicious bouncers and not to forget pokebowls! The Thai dishes are made by a real Thai lady, where on the beach do you find this these days?

You can also find Bandu as a true pokebowl expert from now on. With us, you get to compose your own pokebowl all by yourself! I feel some thinking, what is a pokebowl? We compare it to sushi, but then the sushi with salmon, tuna, chicken, prawns or tofu is not rolled in with seaweed but presented in a beautiful plate. Who wouldn't want this? By the way, this is of course also fun to do with a whole group as a birthday party, company outing or even as a date 😉

We can't wait to welcome you and share the new changes with you. We will see you soon!

Love, Bandu