With Easter behind us, we are now ready for the nice weather and asparagus season!

Also, the Bandu loves asparagus and we are sure to be on hand as a beach pavilion to make beautiful dishes with it!

Why is it actually called the white gold? This name is due to the in-season start of one of the last vegetables from Dutch soil that actually stick to a season these days. So from the open ground, not from the greenhouse or flown in by cargo plane. Still, such a fun fact!

Our menu at a glance:

3-course menu for €28.50


- Asparagus soup with fried parsley


- Chicken mandarin asparagus salad

Main course:

- Grilled salmon and asparagus in hollandaise sauce


- Traditional white gold with a boiled egg, ham on the bone and butter sauce from family recipe!


- Date cake


- Lady blance


Would you like to come and enjoy our asparagus menu? Feel free to drop by or give us a call: 0703547042