And here we are again after a long hibernation! Ready to get ready to rebuild on the beach of Scheveningen in 2023 on 1 March. It already seems
a while since we were there, but did you know that we were actually only 4 months away from the beach
are! Unfortunately, it is not yet beach weather at all when we look outside. Last summer, we
we in the Netherlands obviously had a fantastic summer with great weather and hope that we will have this
year in the awards again. Behind the scenes, we are already working on a new menu. A
tip of the hat.... This year we will have a larger Thai cuisine with multiple dishes! Our
brochure is in the works but on that we are also planning big bbqs, workshops and sports days
organise. Unfortunately, of course, we can't give too much away and are concerned with
construction of our pavilion and want to look pico bello again this year and make sure we have good
be prepared for all that is to come this season. Who can't wait to get comfortable in the
sun, out of the wind with a hot chocolate with whipped cream, red wine or perhaps a nice
bakkie koffie to come and chill with us on the terrace! We are already looking forward to it and hope to see you soon
welcome to our beautiful terrace